Picasso / The Magical Coloring Book

Picasso / The Magical Coloring Book

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by Claire Fay / Paint - Photograph - Play: How kids can create their own art! In this original coloring book, children's artworks are magically transformed into entertaining videos that can be played and shared on your smartphone or tablet. Each page of this book depicts an aspect of Picasso's art and life: from his studio - complete with rocking chair, brushes and dog - to the works themselves, including paintings, sculptures and sketches. Once the pages are colored in, they can be photographed with a smartphone and brought to life with a free app. Visit Picasso's studio with your face and voice - just take a selfie. The animated videos show your creative interpretations of Picasso's paintings and the famous artist himself reviews them. The sixteen pages are converted into eight approximately 20-second videos that tell of Picasso's life, art and feelings. This unique coloring book is an exciting, creative mix of art and animation that gives children the opportunity to be creative, understand art and discover new technology. The BLINK BOOK app is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store for Android.

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