Pablo Picasso / The works of his life

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The book examines in detail the works Picasso created throughout his life and explains each of his creative periods. Leafing through the book, one learns the background to Picasso's most important paintings and discovers which events influenced the stylistic development of the painter, who is considered one of the most important references in contemporary art.

Divided into eight chapters, Picasso, His Life's Achievements is organized chronologically to explore the artist's career, from the works of his youth to his final artistic experiments. With this structure, this book, edited by Dosde, makes it possible to distinguish the different creative periods of Pablo and to see the relationship between the works and the historical and cultural context of each period.

This fascinating book, packed with information about the work of Pablo Picasso, contains more than 170 illustrations, including historical photographs and reproductions of the original paintings.

The book has been produced with ISO color certificates guaranteeing that the printed colors are virtually the same as the original work. In addition, it has been certified by the Picasso administration through Vegap, which certifies its high quality. Dosde's book on Picasso is notable for focusing on the work of Picasso in the Barcelona museum dedicated to his work.

120 pages

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