Catalog / Fernande & Francoise / Memoirs of Picasso

Catalog / Fernande & Francoise / Memoirs of Picasso

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For the first time, Fernande Olivier and Françoise Gilot, Pablo Picasso's two writing muses, are united under two book covers. With their memoirs, they decisively determine our image of the Spanish artist of the century. According to his own information, he in turn “painted” his diaries in the form of pictures. In this richly illustrated work, the memories of the muses meet the works of art that Picasso dedicated to them.

The exhibition catalog "Fernande and Françoise - Memories of Picasso" has 160 pages and numerous color illustrations of the paintings, graphics, photographs, sculptures and ceramics on display. It contains the text "Fernande Olivier - The Model and His Painter" by Ann-Katrin Hahn and "Painted and Written Diaries - The Image of Picasso from the Perspective of His Writing Muses" and "Françoise Gilot, or Growth in the Shade of Large Trees" (both by Prof . Dr. Markus Müller written).

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