Dear Picasso, where are my harlequins? / Anne Sinclair

Dear Picasso, where are my harlequins? / Anne Sinclair

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My grandfather, the art dealer Paul Rosenberg

The Jewish gallery owner Paul Rosenberg was one of the most important art dealers of the 20th century. The passionate connoisseur, who “loves his pictures like living beings”, maintained close personal relationships with the artists: Picasso painted portraits of his family; Braque and Leger frequented the gallery at 21 Rue de la Boétie – until the Nazis looted the important modern art collection and made the place the center of their hate propaganda. Anne Sinclair has opened the family archive and, based on meticulous research and her own memories, draws the first authentic, touching portrait of the important art dealer and passionate promoter of modernism.

Translated from the French by Barbara Heber-Schärer
Original title: 21 rue la Boétie
Original publisher: Grasset et Fasquelle
Paperback, paperback, 208 pages, 11.8 x 18.7 cm
32 pages of color illustrations

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