Catalog / Henri Matisse / Making the hand sing

Catalog / Henri Matisse / Making the hand sing

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The Pablo Picasso Art Museum has recently housed the largest Matisse collection in Germany, which was previously stored for 60 years in a Paris bank safe belonging to the community of Matisse heirs. A total of 121 works cover all forms of expression in the work of the great master of classical modernism, including woodcuts, lithographs, etchings, linocuts and aquatints. The graphics document around 50 of Matisse's creative years: from the earliest sheet from 1906 to the latest from 1952, supplemented by ten painter's books by the artist.

The publication focuses on the working method and the work process. In addition to the works on paper, paintings, sculptures, a silhouette and tapestries from international museums and private collections are presented.

Edited by Markus Müller for the Pablo Picasso Art Museum in Münster
With contributions by Ann-Katrin Hahn, Markus Müller and Marie-Thérèse Pulvenis de Seligny
German, 216 pages, Kerber Verlag

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