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Almost all the great portraitists of the 20th century photographed Pablo Picasso, including Cecil Beaton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Man Ray, Irving Penn and Lee Miller. The artist was one of the most photographed personalities of the last century, which is documented by staged portraits, classic meetings and snapshots. The opulently illustrated volume poses the question of the tension between Picasso's desire for controlled self-portrayal and the demands and ideas of the famous photographers. His example shows the role that the artist portrait plays in the formation of myths: the photographers sometimes worked on Picasso's behalf and were often friends with him, but at the same time saw themselves as autonomous pictorial artists. Last but not least, it is examined whether and to what extent each individual photographic imagery was able to assert itself against the dominating presence of this artist of the century.

272 pages / English Edition

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