French Country Kitchen / Daniel Galmiche

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French country cuisine - recipes from the fields, forests and coasts

With high-quality seasonal ingredients for real French gourmet cuisine

It's not for nothing that French cuisine is one of the best in the world. The processing of regional and seasonal ingredients is one of their greatest strengths.

With this beautifully illustrated cookbook , the French star chef Daniel Galmiche shows where all the tasty treasures can be found: on the meadows and fields, in the forests and hedges, as well as on the coasts and rivers of France.

In the seven chapters he orientates himself on the landscape of his home country and presents sweet and savory recipes such as venison goulash with dark chocolate and star anise, pumpkin and goat cheese lasagne, plaice with celery and pancetta galette or potato soup with asparagus and wild garlic.

• With seven chapters: »Forest and Forest«, »Field and Pasture«, »Meadows,
Streams and Hedges«, »River and Sea«, »Orchard and Vegetable Garden«,
"Farm" and "Pantry"
• With detailed information on special preparation methods
• Basic recipes for stocks, dressings and sauces, among other things
• With instructions for drying, smoking and sous vide cooking

240 pages

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