The women of Picasso / Getraude Clemenz-Kirsch

The women of Picasso / Getraude Clemenz-Kirsch

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by Gertraude Clemenz-Kirsch / Pablo Picasso's portraits of women, which were often directly inspired by his partners, are indisputably among the best and most famous in his work. Picasso was obsessed with women, in life as in art. His wives and companions were never just the women at his side, but also his muses and models. They shared the life of the exceptional artist, inspired his work and left their mark on his work. To be chosen by him as a muse inevitably meant becoming a work of art and thus immortal. Was that what drove these women, often against their better judgment, to give in to the infidelity of the notorious womanizer and to stay by his side? Was it the prospect of fame, the desire to use him to fuel your creativity? Or just love? Clemenz-Kirsch tells the exciting life stories of the most important women in Picasso's life, who often remained loyal to him decades after their separation. It is also a homage to the outstanding importance that these women played in the life of the artist Picasso.

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