Letters of Art / Artist Letters from Michelangelo to Frida Kahlo / Michael Bird

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A unique selection of 100 letters from great artistic personalities

A book like a treasure chest - a hundred selected letters that were written by and to great artists and offer a unique insight into the lives of such fascinating personalities as Leonardo da Vinci, Edouard Manet, Andy Warhol or Salvador Dalí. Written thoughts about love, happiness, creativity, everyday life, travel, work, money or politics bring the sender and recipient into an almost intimate proximity, provide information about intensive cooperation, mutual appreciation and artistic processes. 

Whether it's Pablo Picasso's wish for Jean Cocteau to get well, compositional sketches and reflections on the choice of colors that Vincent van Gogh shares with his painter colleague Paul Gauguin, or Frida Kahlo's concerned questions about the health of her friend Georgia O'Keeffe: these great artists have seldom been closer to us. The collection is rounded off by reproduced original letters, some with drawings, or illustrative images of the artist and work. A homage to letter writing - an art that seems to be disappearing more and more in our time.

Original title: Artist's Letters
Original publisher: Quarto
Hardcover, cardboard, 224 pages, 17.0 x 23.6 cm, 100 color illustrations

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