Inspiration Matisse / Peter Kropmann

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Matisse turns 150 - inspiration for the dawn of modernism in France and Germany

The darling of the public, Henri Matisse (1869–1954) is synonymous with painterly innovation bordering on abstraction. As an "artist for artists", Matisse inspired and liberated a younger generation of French and German artists at the beginning of the 20th century with his symbolic and colorful works. With more than 125 paintings, sculptures, ceramics and graphic works, the Kunsthalle Mannheim presents the pioneer of modernism in the midst of his contemporaries: from the French Fauvists to the German Expressionists to students of the "Académie Matisse". The exciting dialogue of the manuscripts covers topics such as female and male nudes in the studio, Mediterranean landscapes, portraits or still lifes with sculptures, the originals of which can also be seen in the exhibition. In addition to Matisse, there are others such as André Derain, Georges Braque, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Gabriele Münter and Max Pechstein, but also Oskar and Margarete Moll or Hans Purrmann and Mathilde Vollmoeller. This world's first synopsis shows loans from museums and private collections in Germany, France, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the USA.

With contributions by Ina Ewers-Schultz, Simon Kelly, Simone Klein, Astrid Koehler, Peter Kropmanns, Colin Lemoine, Isabelle Monord-Fontaine, Jacqueline Munck, Christian Weikop
Hardcover, cardboard, 232 pages, 22.3 x 27.5 cm, 200 color illustrations

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