The art of the moment / encounters in the museum / Flipp Haag

The art of the moment / encounters in the museum / Flipp Haag

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In the right place at the right time

Unnoticed, Filip Haag makes long laps through the museum, looking out for unique moments in which the work of art and the viewer – without intending to – enter into a perfect symbiosis. He presses the shutter button at the crucial moment and captures special, surprising and, above all, funny situations that most of us would have missed: a drawing student in the Metropolitan Museum in front of the portrait of a painter who seems to be portraying him at the moment; visitors to the Fondation Beyeler hurrying by in exact step with Giacometti's »Walking Man«; a young woman flirting with her smartphone next to a classical marble statue in an identical selfie pose in the Louvre...
While the viewers take in the works, they take in the viewers at the same time - and so a new, independent motif emerges quite by accident, in which the two worlds, art (history) and the present, merge

112 pages, 60 color illustrations, bound, with colored endpaper

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