Pablo Picasso / Illustrated Biography / ENGLISCH

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This biography on Pablo Picasso published by Dosde covers the career of one of the most important artists of all time. The book shows what events marked Picasso's life, as well as the personal relationships this internationally famous artist had over the years, whose artistic experiments marked the course of contemporary painting.

This biography on Picasso stands out for being a complete testimony of his life, both from a personal and professional point of view. In chronological order, the book carries out a detailed analysis of Picasso's trajectory, his artistic evolution and the situations that he faced throughout his intense life. This way, the reader can find out fascinating facts about Picasso and explore the genesis of his most famous works.

This book has been devised as an illustrated biography. This means that it includes a large number of historical photographs of Picasso's life. Its pages cover with maximum detail, both informatively and visually, the life of the great artist originally from Malaga. Due to its informative nature and the great amount of photographic documentation, it is one of the most complete books on Pablo Picasso published to date.

160 Pages

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