Silky / Picasso / Guéridon / 7 x 100 cm / Twill / 100% silk

Silky / Picasso / Guéridon / 7 x 100 cm / Twill / 100% silk

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Silkies by Brochier Soieries

A trendy, timeless and essential accessory to tie around the wrist, neck or waist.

Since 1890, the Brochier family has carried on a tradition that originated in Lyon in the 16th century: the manufacture of exceptional fabrics from natural silk threads. Since the creation of the atelier, four generations have succeeded one another on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse, passing on to the next their passion for a job that requires continuous commitment.

By combining craftsmanship and artistic sensitivity, Jean Brochier and his descendants made silk satin famous. Working with artists such as Chagall, Miro, Giacometti, with famous fashion designers such as Dior or Patou and with patrons such as Aimé Maeght, the Brochier company quickly became a sincere friend. They brought and continue to bring the "high novelty" to a level that is known worldwide.

Made in Lyon
Dimensions: 7 x 100 cm

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