Puzzle / Yayoi Kusama's World / 1000 pieces

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Puzzle your way into Kusama's world! Step into a dotted universe where talking dogs and giant pumpkins populate the visions of a young Japanese girl who will go on to take the New York art world by storm. Explore Yayoi Kusama's incredible story and discover the people and events that influenced her art in this 1000 piece puzzle. Find famous motifs, contemporaries and references to her work! With A2 poster with many facts about her life and art.

Laura Callaghan is a London-based illustrator. Her work is hand drawn and uses a mixture of watercolor, ink and isograph. Her clients include Tate, Adidas and MTV.

Box of 1000 pieces, A2 poster, puzzle 680 x 485 mm
Size: 267 x 267 x 48mm (box)
Language: German

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