Earrings / MEDES / 24K gold plated / small / 2 cm / Joidart

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Designed by jeweler Carme Fàbregas, "Medes" is a collection that aims to be an allegory of the colors of the seabed of the Medes Islands. Located in the heart of the Costa Brava, they are the largest marine reserve in Catalonia and are characterized by the variety of colors of their plant, animal and coral species.
Finish: Matte metal with 24K gold bath and multicolored crystals.

Earrings made of matted, 24-times gold-plated metal. Oval shape and two precious crystals in the contour of transparent and blue color. Butterfly nut to close.

Material: brass, 24k gold plated
Weight: 3.2g
Length: 2cm
Width: 0.7 cm

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