Memo game / Walls have ears

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Shedding crocodile tears and chattering away, feeling exhausted and throwing pearls to swine: many of the idioms we hear and use have interesting and surprising origins that we often know little about or about which we are wrong in our assessment lay. In this memo game with drawings by Philip Waechter, you learn in a playful way that black sheep were already undesirable in the Bible because sheep were kept primarily for their white wool. The pairs consist of a picture, which literally illustrates the idiom, and the idiom itself. The idioms are explained in a detailed accompanying book. As a rule, the wisdoms are not formulations by authors, but were mostly taken directly from everyday life. The concise drawings by Philip Waechter are captivating and take every phrase literally. The renowned draftsman and illustrator is able to visualize the wit of the language with a wink. While playing, it is a great joy to think of the figure of speech that goes with the drawings and then find it as a text memo card.

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