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In the game with 72 colored cards, for example, a bear and a tiger form a pair and, when combined, result in a BEARD. Tang and duck become TANGENTE, the nouns mode and advice are combined to form the adjective MODERATE. This game is full of surprises and trains you to look closely at words. All 36 pairs each have their own background color, which should serve as confirmation when searching for the word pairs. A mum of words is someone who only relies on the colors when looking for a pair. Packed in an elegant cylinder, the 36 pairs are printed on very robust cardboard and show the entire color spectrum. The blue area on the packaging shows the entire alphabet in a raised form as a chaos of letters, from which the language creations are developed. The tube is particularly appealing to the touch. The game should also encourage you to walk through the world of words yourself with open eyes and track down similar pairings. / Idea and design: Ralph Burkhardt

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