Memo Game / Ramp Pig & Turtle Dove / Typo Zoo Memo

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The Hamburg typographer and designer Ralf Mauer has created animals from typefaces for decades. Garamond, Fraktur or Optima become design elements here. Each animal has its own distinctive character. The metaphorical animal names are about newspaper duck, cheeky badger or envious mutton. The additional word for the typo animal image is then set in the same font in which the animal is "drawn", so that it is a question of flawless typo pairs. This drawing method is not only original and unique, it also creates an extraordinary zoo that must first be brought together when playing memo games - because the night waits for the owl like the worm waits for books. Packed in a classy box with a snap-on lid, this new memo game is the perfect gift for all friends of language, animals and typography. In the accompanying booklet, the typefaces are named and the pairs are broken down, and the working method of the typographer is traced.

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