Memo Game / Dinos and their Bones

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The latest edition of our popular memo games deals with primeval times: the dinosaurs are loose and looking for their skeleton! As you play, you'll learn fun facts about each dinosaur - like which ones had feathers (and how that proves they're descended from birds) and what the spikes on the Triceratops' skull are for. Everything we know about dinosaurs today comes from the discoveries of their bones and fossils. The author Paul Upchurch is responsible for the correctness of the information as an expert in the field of paleontology.
The perfect game for little and big dinosaur experts!
From age 6

James Barker lives in London, England. His illustrations are inspired by nature, natural history and literature. He prefers to work with colored pencils.

Paul Upchurch is Professor of Paleobiology at University College London, England. He deals with the evolution of dinosaurs and other vertebrates that lived in the Mesozoic. His specialty is sauropods, the largest land animals that ever lived.

Box of 50 cards
Size: 144*100*47mm
Language: German
50 color illustrations, booklet