Memo game / The art of tidying up

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The Swiss cabaret artist Ursus Wehrli is the king of tidying up. This is particularly evident in this new memo game with 72 cards: One image presents an everyday scene as you know it, and the second image has then thoroughly cleaned up this scene. This series full of wit and esprit sums up our culture's desire for tidying up. A noble memo game appears from the most ingenious and original motifs. Senseless regulatory measures can be extremely humorous! Nothing is safe from Wehrli's orderly hand. The comedian breaks down a wide variety of images into their individual parts and meticulously piles up all the elements, or he sorts what used to be a colorful mixture. For example, a parking lot has a color scheme and in the supermarket you only buy by color. A Beethoven score is tidied up as thoroughly as a picture by Egon Schiele, the map of Europe falls apart into its simple individual parts, just like the Vienna subway map. Naked table football and counted fries, Wehrli turns our everyday life upside down and points to our obsession with order. In this memo game, the slate is wiped clean without quarter. After that, nothing is as it was. Each of his fine tidying up orgies is a humorous surprise.

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