Cushion cover / Picasso / Femme à la fleur (1932) / 45 x 45 cm

Cushion cover / Picasso / Femme à la fleur (1932) / 45 x 45 cm

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By 1918 Picasso had befriended fellow artists and the poet Jean Cocteau, leading him to work with Russian ballet. There he met the dancer Olga Koklova, with whom he fell in love and married. She influenced his work during this time, as did many other women throughout his career. At this time he returned to more traditional styles, although he still allowed Cubism to permeate his work.

By the mid-1920s, Picasso had become overly famous. He didn't like the fact that all of his work was revered over and over again just because of its fame. He was frustrated and his marriage strained, leading to a series of divorces, mistresses, and illegitimate children. During this period he began sculpting and after 1927 was heavily influenced by the newly discovered Surrealism. The influence of Surrealism can be seen in one of his best-known paintings, Woman with a Flower.

Our Femme à la fleur cushion cover is a reproduction of the original painting from 1932. The colorful portrait stands out against the earth toned background. The cushion is made of jacquard-woven cotton, made in our atelier Les Tissages de la Lys in northern France, the country of Flanders. The cushion was made with permission from the Pablo Picasso estate.

Jacquard weave / Removable cover / 90% cotton - 10% polyester
Back 100% cotton
Professional cleaning
Made in France

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