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Marc de Ladoucette is known for his collaboration with the Picasso succession and offers the humidor with precious wood inlays in his "Picasso Lifestyle" collection.

After World War II, Picasso chose to live and work on the Côte d'Azur. His strong connection to the Mediterranean led him to Vallauris, where he stayed from 1948 to 1955. The work that Picasso created during the seven years that he lived in Vallauris is rich in what he experienced there: the landscape, the city of Vallauris itself, other colors. Also on a personal level with Françoise Gilot and her children, but also the first encounters with Jacqueline Roche, who later became his second wife. A rare landscape in Picasso's oeuvre, this painting is on display at the Palais Albertina in Vienna.
Limited edition of 400 copies

Packed in a gift box.

- 50 cigar box with wood inlays
- Cedar wood interior
- Humidity regulator Credo Precision 70 and pointer hygrometer
- Numbered series
- Made in Italy
- Preserves moisture
- Optimal ventilation
- Metal hinges
- Natural fragrance to protect the cigars
- Material: wood
- Capacity: 50 cigars
- Humidifier: Yes
- Hygrometer: Yes
- Weight: 4kg
- Dimensions: 34 x 23 x 13 centimeters
- Keep away from heat sources

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