Paperweight / penguin / 7 x 13 x 11.5 cm / 250g / ZUNY

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Zuny's adorable little animals come in all shapes!

The Zuny penguin paperweight is part of the Zuny family with many different animals of different sizes. They can help you support books, block doors, or weigh down your papers.
And penguins are some of the cutest animals ever! Incidentally, Picasso already knew this. It is not for nothing that there is also a one-line penguin.

Zuny's are not only cute but also functional. The classic and minimal yet whimsical design makes them suitable for use around the home or in a child's bedroom. The principle of the Zuny brand is to do no harm to animals. That's why every Zuny is made from superfiber, polyester, and tiny iron beads. So the Zuny's are not made of leather. They are absolutely vegan!

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