Catalog / Picasso meets his artist colleagues / ENGLISH

Catalog / Picasso meets his artist colleagues / ENGLISH

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The anniversary volume of the 20-year young, but long renowned and only Picasso Museum in Germany is a "Who's Who" of the greats of modernism. In keeping with the Münster museum's status as a centre for artistic graphics of classical modernism, the focus is on the graphic arts. The volume presents an anecdote-rich account of Picasso's encounters with his four famous comrades-in-arms Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse and Joan Miró. Sometimes bound by jealousy, sometimes revered - no two encounters with his colleagues are alike. Together they create a fascinating overall picture of Picasso's works, including the other great painters.
Edited by Markus Müller, Pablo Picasso Art Museum Münster
With contributions by Markus Müller

199 pages, with 142 colour and 53 black and white illustrations
Wienand Publishing House

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